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Friday Night Game Report - Yggdrasill RPG Session 13

Here is the thirteenth session report on the Friday night Yggdrasill game campaign. This session was played last night, and is the most recent game session of the Friday group. You can read about the previous session of the campaign in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.

Ingrid Horoldsdottir (Kathy Bauer) - Hirdman
Ogir Haralfsson (Nick Roberts) - Thulr
Vigfur Egilsson (Tom Robinson) - Scout
Dagna Styrsdottir (Joanne Clarke) - Volva
Sigrun Evardsdottir (Angela Marsh) - Noble
Amund Torkelsson (David Matchuk) - Skald
Jordis Hodersdottir (Ellie Bauer) - Apprentice Volva

June 10th, 215

The adventure begins as Jarl Evard Knudsson summons his wife, Erlotta Igorsdottir, and his daughter, Sigrun Evardsdottir (Angela) to the small conference area in the longhouse. There, Evard and his daughter argue about the matter of her marriage that must happen soon. Evard tells her that she must marry soon, as it would be political to do so, and would allow her to move out on her own and to her husband's home. Sigrun says she will *not* marry, certainly not someone of her father's choosing, but he says that she will, sooner rather than later, as she must continue the family line on the matrilineal side. The weeping and angry Sigrun leaves the lodge, and seeks out her best friend.

Sigrun goes to find her friend, Ingrid Horoldsdottir (Kathy), a hirdman and her assigned bodyguard over the last little while. She finds Ingrid in the practice oval, working with another of the hirdmen, Mikol Jansson. Begging off the practice as she sees that Sigrun is upset, Ingrid talks to the jarl's daughter, and learns what is wrong. They discuss the matter.

Dagna Styrsdottir (Joanne) is teaching her apprentice, Jordis Hodersdottir (Ellie) some of the basic runes of the Norse alphabet. They talk about other matters, and Jordis asks when the volva will teach her some new magic abilities. Dagna replies that she'll do so when the girl is ready, and not a moment before. They are interrupted by the arrival of Amund Torkelsson (David), who tells Dagna that he wishes to talk to her about events in the woods against the troll (see the previous scenario). The two talk on the matter while Jordis goes about her lessons, after Sigrun has left.

Meanwhile, Ogir Haralfsson (Nick) and Vigfur Egilsson (Tom) are checking the perimeter of the walls around Grontvand, as both are somewhat concerned about some of the people and creatures they have encountered outside the walls of the town. They encounter Verne Evardsson, the brother of Sigrun, and Dav Forbjarnsson, a woodscraft expert from the refugees from Verkatu, who are on a similar task. The four discuss matters, and come to the realisation that the town walls need reinforcement in certain places.

Several hours later, the various player characters assemble in the longhouse, called there at a summons from Evard Knudsson. The Jarl tells the player characters that the time has come for them to undertake a mission of trade to Havnor, a Norse community on the other side of the Sneklaedte Mountains. The player characters are in somewhat of an uproar over this, but Evard angrily silences them. He tells the player characters, notably Dagna and Ogir (the volva and thulr, respectively), that it is time Grontvand expanded its borders and its trade partners somewhat, and that the summer months are a good time to do so. Since Sigrun had questioned him about learning diplomatic abilities at one time, she will lead the Grontvand party, though she should defer to Amund at most crucial diplomatic moments. Seeing they have no choice in the matter, despite their objections, the player characters reluctantly agree to the request.

During the rest of the day, while the player characters prepare for their trip, Ingrid and Vigfur manage to make some time for themselves, and spend a bit of time on their own. They admit to one another that their mutual attraction is something very strong, but realise that their lives are too complicated for the moment to make more of it. The two are unaware that they are being watched by Dagna, the volva tacitally approving of the potential union of the two hirdmen.

Meanwhile, Amund gets together with Lifa Gyrdsdottir, telling her that he feels more than attracted to her and wants to begin courting her. She is flattered, but worries about his current trip to Havnor. It's a trading mission, he says, so what can possibly go wrong?

Elsewhere, Sigrun goes and talks with Dagna, confiding in the volva she is concerned about the Jarl's desire to marry her off. Dagna explains to her liege's daughter the reality of the situation, and Sigrun tells her thatshe'll choose her own mate, and she'll fall in love when she's good and ready. The two talk about the upcoming trade mission, and Dagna tells Sigrun that she's already asked her father's permission to take her apprentice, Jordis, with her on the trip. She says that it'll be good for the girl to get some worldly experience. And they need to see what the girl is capable of in the wilderness.

Sigrun returns to the longhouse, and has a long chat with her mother. Erlotta tells her daughter that she is grown up, and decisions are now forced upon them all. Her father is doing the best that he can by her and for her. Sigrun says that they'll talk about matters when this is all over, as for now, she has to concern herself with the trip to Havnor and the safety of her companions.

Last night's session of Yggdrasill was a really good session, as mentioned in this journal entry, and the players had a good time of it. Since yesterday was Valentine's Day, I played off the theme of the holiday somewhat, although the focus of the scenario might be the trade mission on which the player characters are about to find themselves (though we'll see, right? ::evil g:: ). All in all, I thought the game session went rather well, and the players told me afterwards that they were quite surprised at a couple of developments in the game session.

All I can say is that I'm looking forward to next Friday's game session with anticipation! :)
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