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Good Chinese Food

I have just returned from the restaurant and eating out tonight.

My mother and my sister came over to pick me up around 7:05 this evening, as they were delayed by various circumstances. Made me glad to have eaten the snack that I did.

My sister decided we were going to eat at Brother Wu's this evening, and so that's where we went.

The meal was pretty good. I had a bowl of mustard green with pork soup, split an order of Hunan dumplings with my sister, and then ate bits and pieces of vegetable moo she with pancakes, chicken with cashews, spicy beef with ginger (that was a bit too spicy for my taste), and I had one of my sister's honey garlic spareribs. Good food.

It was also pleasant company. I haven't seen my sister in a bit, so we had a good chat and some good-spirited banter, though mom was somewhat quiet this evening, no doubt due to the exhausting day she'd had at the hospital. Once mom and my sister dropped me off back at the house, I came in and made a cup of tea for myself.

Am sitting back, but am thinking about gaming stuff again. Gotta get away from it for a bit, methinks. Going upstairs to watch a DVD for a bit. Then bed.
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