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Friday Morning Thoughts


I woke up to look out the window and see a day that is full of rain mixed with freezing rain, though it's supposed to turn to straight rain later and reach into the low positive temperatures on the Celsius scale.

In the meantime, I told myself that I've done a good week's worth at the office, and called in to say that I wanted the boss to send the work laptop over so I can work from home. He was fine with that as many of my co-workers have apparently called in sick from work today (no doubt to watch the Canada-U.S. men's hockey game at noon forward).

So I'm working from home.

I'm supposed to game with the Friday evening group tonight, either doing some more playtesting on the Atlantis: The Second Age game stuff or continuing on with the Yggdrasill game. Not sure yet, let alone whether we're gaming tonight or not.

And on a roleplaying note, the TimeWatch RPG Kickstarter is in its last hours this morning, so for those who might be interested in a GUMSHOE version of time travel and investigation, check it out and maybe give it your support!

Now, back to work.
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