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Early Saturday Morning

Already up and about on this Saturday morning.

A relatively overcast morning at the moment, close to 0oC, but expected to go into the very low positive temperatures. It's cold out there, but somewhat wet and my bones are aching this morning.

Got to bed somewhat late last night, but managed to sleep through most of the night, and woke up around a quarter to seven. Breakfast is done, and I'm showered and getting ready for the day. The reason I'm up so early, despite gaming last night, is that Nick will be here around 9:00 am, and we're going to go over to Farm Boy and pick up some stuff. I'm sorely in need of some vegetables to restock the fridge a bit, and will also need to pick up a few other things while I'm there. Nick's been enjoying coming out to the East End of the the city, as he says the stores here have more variety and the like.

Last night, as mentioned, was Friday night gaming. The group did some playtesting of stuff for the Atlantis: The Second Age rpg, and had a good time of it. More about last night's gaming in another post later.
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