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Atlantis Playtest on Sunday Afternoon

As mentioned earlier today, the Sunday gaming group was getting ready this afternoon to do some playtesting.

The game in question is the Atlantis: The Second Age roleplaying game, published by Khepera Publishing. The playtesting involves testing out some new, basic modifications to the way in which beasties work in combat, though I can't talk about this very much for obvious reasons.

Once the players arrived at my place, I once again hauled the laptop upstairs for gaming purposes, gave the players a basic idea of what the game rules were, and then got down to creating the player characters for the purpose of testing out the new combat rules modifications. Tammy created three player characters, each one of them with interesting premises, and spross managed one character during the same time. His speed of writing is deplorable. :)

Once we went over the combat rules system, the players got into the playtest and had a pretty decent time of it going up against some two-legged opposition and then some other types of opposition. Good time was had, though some of the combat resolutions just took a bit too long.

As I've mentioned in a couple of previous posts about this, I really like this minor set of rule revisions, and though I have no idea whether these changes will be implemented in a future supplement for the Atlantis game or not, I really hope they are.

Now, if my copy of the physical rulebook would just get here, I'd really like that! (And soon, I hope!) :)
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