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Saturday Morning Thoughts

March 1st. The start of the new month.

Woke up relatively late this morning, around 8:00 or so (hey, that's late for me, when I'm usually up during the work week at 5:20 am!).

It's a weird day outside, with snow showers (they look like squalls to me, as there are sunny periods in between), and bitterly cold temperatures due to the wind chill. It's supposed to be like this for the rest of the day or weekend, I'm not sure which, as they're calling it another polar vortex event or whatever. And you know, weather-wise, what they say about March, right?

Last night's game with the Friday night group was very enjoyable. The group got back to the Yggdrasill goodness this week, and had a good time with that, enjoying what's going on in the story we're telling. I'll be blogging about this a couple of more times today, stuff permitting, so I hope some of you good folks are looking forward to that. :)

On the subject of gaming, I plan to head down to Fandom II, the local Ottawa gaming store, this afternoon, as pre-registration for CanGames 2014 starts today. I'll be posting another blog entry about that today as well. Hopefully some of the folks who pre-register for the convention will consider playing in some of the games that I'm running this year (two games of Atlantis: The Second Age and one game of Yggdrasill).

In the meantime, part of the day will also be concerned with doing some vacuuming around the house, another load or two of laundry (since it's started to pile up this week), and maybe get in some gaming reading and stuff. Or perhaps watching a movie or two. We'll see.

All in all, I just plan to take it relatively easy for the day, other than going downtown for a bit.


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