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Friday Night's Gaming Session

As noted in an earlier blog entry this morning, my Friday night gaming group met up for their regular weekly game session.

Last night, the gaming group convened to continue playing the Yggdrasill rpg of the Norsemen in the 4th through 6th centuries, and the players had a very enjoyable time.

Once the players arrived, all around 7:20 pm last night, we got down to gaming. I started with a quick refresher course on the game mechanics and the use of Furor points, and then we got back into things. This game session had a little bit of everything, from social interaction, inter-character conflict, a bit of physical combat, and some interesting relationship aspects that kept the players on their toes, and gave me a nice, warm fuzzy feeling by the time it was all over.

After doing some playtesting of the Atlantis: The Second Age new mechanics over the past couple of weeks, the players commented that it was good to get back to the Yggdrasill game proper, though they are still chomping at the bit about playing Atlantis: The Second Age as well. Nick, Joanne, and David said they're really enjoying Yggdrasill's realistic feel, all of them commenting that they're loving the inter-player character relationships going on. Kathy's enjoying some of the sheer physicality that her character, Ingrid Horoldsdottir, gets to engage in, and Joanne and Angela really like the relationship that's developing between their characters, Dagna Styrsdottir and Sigrun Evardsdottir, respectively.

I'll blog the game journal of last night's game session once I transcribe the game notes, hopefully later today.

Highly enjoyable game, and I'm looking forward to next week's Friday night game session (weather permitting).
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