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Sunday Morning Thoughts, and Gaming

I woke up this morning after a rather poor night's sleep, or at least it felt that way.

I was woken up around 5:00 this morning with some acid reflux stuff going on, and after dealing with that went back to bed but slept only fitfully until around 7:00 or so. Not really feeling rested at all today, so there's a good chance tonight that I will crash early and probably won't watch the Oscars at all.

With my CanGames pre-registration taken care of, I can just relax and try to get ready for the convention and the scenarios that I'll be running there this year. If that relaxation thing is possible at all. Still need to finish writing the two Atlantis: The Second Age scenarios for the convention, but it would be nice if I had a physical copy of the game to do that with. The adventure for the Yggdrasill game is written, so that's ready to go, and I'm also looking forward to that one.

Speaking of Yggdrasill, the Sunday gaming group will be getting back to the game as well today. I think I'm looking forward to that as well.

Time for some breakfast, methinks.
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