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Sunday Afternoon Gaming Session

Gaming with the Sunday afternoon gaming group is done for the day.

I'm pretty tired, but the afternoon was a pleasant one. The players continued on with their campaign of the Yggdrasill rpg, and the game session went pretty well.

Tammy and spross showed up on time, and after checking over a few notes and comparing a few points with the players, I started the game session. The players continued the scenario that they are involved in, and after a bit of a slow start and some minor conflict, the rest of the game session gave the player characters plenty of things to worry about in terms of portents, omens, and a few elements relating to future plots and storylines.

Overall, a pretty good day of gaming and a good session of the Yggdrasill game system. I'm looking forward to next Sunday's game session (weather willing).
Tags: personal, rpg, rpg hut, sunday gaming group, yggdrasill rpg

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