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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - Yggdrasill RPG Session 10

Here's the tenth, and most recent game session report on the Sunday afternoon Yggdrasill game campaign. You can read about the previous session of the campaign in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.

April 20th, Year 101 (since founding of Ulvfrist)

Dawn arrives and offer a cool, spring morning as the player characters prepare for their expedition to Hedefalder. Dagmar Ivarsdottir (Tammy) attempts to check the omens for the trip in the knuckelbones, but is unable to see success or failure, a bad omen. Her apprentice, Gerda Herildasdottir (NPC), asks her about the omens for the trip, and Dagmar tells her the truth. Gerda is ready to go on the trip, and she says there's no problem; she can take care of herself, but expects Dagmar to teach her during the trip. Dagmar and Gerda head for Ulvfrist's main gates, where they are to meet the others.

As Adalstein Ulfarsson (SteveR) prepares to leave on the trip, Gudrid Ericsdottir, his wife, asks if he has to go, and Adalstein says that he does, as he's got to prove himself. He feels that if he doesn't go, the Jarl will banish him (and possibly her as well), but when Gudrid expresses her doubts, he tells her that he will *not* fail. She's pleased at his optimism, but still worried. She says that she will leave him to pack and prepare for the trip, as she needs to get some more rest while she can.

There is a hammering at the door to the house, and Hulm Runolfsson (NPC), the forester, greets him pleasantly. The daughter of the Jarl, Ronja Magnisdottir (NPC) is there as well, and Adalstein can see she has a glum face. He greets her, and Ronja acknowledges him, and then she tosses him the 15-kilo bag of trade goods for him to "protect" on their journey. Before he can say anything, Ronja asks Hulm where they're meeting the others, and when the forester tells her, she moves off with him, leaving Adalstein to follow behind. He dutifully picks up the trade goods and hefts them.

Adalstein, Hulm, and Ronja arrive near the gates of Ulvfrist, and meet up with Dagmar and Gerda. While the others get somewhat better acquainted, Hulm shows Dagmar a rough map with their route, and the two discuss their travels; she agrees with him that they will not travel through the Morke, though it will add to their travel time. Hulm estimates that it will take them approximately six (6) days to reach the Vindfer Pass. He asks the volva if she cast the bones, but Dagmar is evasive (a fact not lost on the forester).

The player characters head out the gates of Ulvfrist to no fanfare. Dagmar asks Ronja about the trade goods - she sees there's clay pots and plates, homespun clothes, bone combs, some trinkets, and lots of silver and gold bracelets, and some jewelry. As the group starts to travel north along the edge of the Staerkvand River, they discuss what is known of Hedefalder. Not much, as none of the characters have been there. They know that the supposed current leader of the town is Pro-Frodi, and Ronja displays her (seeming) ignorance of politics. The conversation turns to trolls, as Dagmar is quite concerned about meeting one/them, but it is short. As they travel, they come upon what Hulm identifies as wolf tracks, and with a bit of help from Hulm, Dagmar teaches Gerda something of outdoor survival and tracking. They continue on, and Adalstein tells Dagmar that his sister, Amana, is recovering nicely from the attack by the wolves, but she treats him as the Cursed One, blaming him for the attack on her and the death of her husband, Herik. The characters travel on uneventfully for the rest of the day, and camp for the night.

The morning dawns bright and cool, the rain having stopped, and will likely be sunny for the day. Adalstein is on watch, and when Dagmar wakes, she goes on a walking tour of the camp perimeter. She notices that there's a darkness tainting the land, with some of the spring vegetation being twisted and deformed. She also spots a series of eggs that have seemingly been eaten, but when she gets closer to them, realises that they've been destroyed. She also spots what appears to be the impression of a snake in the ground, but of massive size. She calls Hulm over to take a look, and he's to bring Gerda with him. He looks at the print, and tells her that it's impossible - that it's a Galspole ("Madcoil"), but they are thought to be nothing more than legend. He shows her that the impression is even larger than she thought, perhaps 3 metres long. The three characters head back for the main group, and Hulm whispers to Dagmar that there's another creature, something supernatural. The Galspole was not what destroyed the ground bird's eggs. He tells her that she has to inform the hirdman that he needs to be more vigilant than ever.

When Hulm and Gerda go off to join Dagmar, Ronja asks Adalstein why they've gone off, and he replies it's probably something to do with plants. She's resentful, saying that volvas think they're so important, and they are, but they along with everyone else obey their Jarl. And so do their hirdmen, she adds pointedly.

Dagmar and the others return, and they eat porridge. She asks Adalstein what he saw on watch, and he tells her there was nothing. She tells him they're heading into troll country, and that he's going to need to be much more vigilant. She has him scout their path a little bit ahead, but he spots nothing unusual and returns. The group sets off for the day's travel.

The majority of the day goes completely uneventfully. The characters camp for the evening, and Dagmar notices that Adalstein's wounds (from his sparring two days before in Ulvfrist) have opened again, and that Gerda and Ronja are physically and mentally exhausted from the pace being set. She and Hulm discuss what to do about the two youngsters, and Dagmar tells him that they need to slow the pace for the next couple of days. Hulm agrees to do so reluctantly.

The next morning, April 22nd, gives the characters a cold, crisp morning. The player characters set out on their day's travel, and encounter periods of snow as well as hilly terrain. The ground is treacherous in place, and the party is very careful. Dagmar's sharp eyes catch sight of a pack of seven wolves charging towards the characters across the snow-laden savannah.

The adrenalin of the situation causes Ronja to impulsively attack one of the wolves, resulting in both Hulm and Adalstein having to charge the wolf attacking the Jarl's daughter, leaving themselves exposed to attack from behind. The battle with the wolves is fierce. Hulm and Dagmar kill a pair of the wolves, driving the rest of the pack off, but Hulm, Adalstein, and Dagmar take some minor damage. Adalstein and Hulm chastise the adrenalin-flushed Ronja for her recklessness, and while she is shocked and surprised at their outbursts, she seems oblivious to the real reason for their ire with her. Meanwhile, Gerda comes to realise that she survived a wolf attack - and then goes and throws up in a clump of bushes. Hulm treats Dagmar's wounds, and is able to heal some of her injuries. The characters discuss salvaging some of the wolf meat, but dismiss the idea because of the complications it might cause in terms of the broken Pact matter.

The player characters, Hulm, Ronja, and Gerda continue their travels and set up camp for the night. The morning of April 23rd dawns, crisp, cold, and snowing. The characters have the feeling that something is going to happen this day. As the characters prepare to begin travelling for the day, Dagmar hears the sound of what she believes to be ravens nearby. Once more, she attempts to see the future, but the visions just don't come to her this day. Adalstein goes and checks the camp's perimeter, and comes upon two dead wolves, no marks on their bodies to denote how they were killed, other than the Mark of Thor [the sign of the Hammer] burned into their fur and flesh. He summons Hulm over to look at what he's found, and when the forester sees the wolves' condition, he tells Adalstein that they need to leave. At a sound from the trees, they look up and see two ravens.

Adalstein and Hulm return to the others, and while Hulm distracts Ronja and Gerda, Adalstein tells Dagmar what they've found. The two express their concern, as Adalstein believes that wolves are the favoured of Thor. Dagmar remembers hearing of a tribe being able to do something to creatures so as to gain their abilities, and there were rumours/stories of them dealing with wolves. Both Adalstein and Dagmar have worried looks on their faces as the others join them again.

And that's how Sunday afternoon's game of Yggdrasill went. I had a pretty good time of gaming this session, and managed to accomplish what I had intended to do plot-wise for the day's session. Tammy seemed to enjoy herself as much as I've ever seen her do so, though spross was still pretty reactive rather than pro-active to situations, and didn't really do all that much in character, other than reacting when spoken to. The game session had a bit of everything in it - some character interaction, some inter-character conflict (though not to the extent that it's happening with the Friday night group), some physical combaat, and a few other things going on that are basically added pipe being laid.

In any event, looking forward to next Sunday's session.
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