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A quiet Tuesday morning here at the office.

I woke up this morning feeling somewhat tired and a bit groggy, as the pain kept me up most of the night. What pain, you ask? Simple, really... After I cleaned off the car in the home parking lot and then moved it out so that the condo contractors could clean the parking lot and the spaces, when I moved the car into the cleaned space and then got out of the car, I slipped on the sheet of ice that was now left, and cracked the left side of my body on the car as I scrambled to grab something before I fell. I've got a few bruises here and there on the left shoulder, arm, and the area between the chest and hip, but am otherwise okay. Though it does hurt like heck. Painkillers are helping, but only to a certain point.

In the meantime, my only real worry in life at the moment is when I'm going to receive my hardcover copy of the Atlantis: The Second Age RPG from the Kickstarter for the game. The books for folks not in the U.S. (called "the rest of the world") were supposed to ship to the UK before being shipped out, as somehow this was supposed to save on the shipping costs, but there's been no word about whether the books got to the UK let alone whether they're shipping out from the UK to everyone. And there's not been a lot of talk from the U.S. Kickstarter pledgers who must have gotten their copies by now about the game, which is odd in and of itself.

In the meantime, life goes on. And so does work.


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