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River of Heaven KS Over - Game Funded!

As noted in a post yesterday, the River of Heaven SF roleplaying Kickstarter was close to the end, with about 11 hours remaining at the time I wrote the post.

Well, the Kickstarter is over, and River of Heaven has been funded, achieving the three primary stretch goals of 1) black & white art; 2) more art!; and 3) colour art. Really pleased about hitting the colour art stretch goal, as that will just push the game to a higher level. Peter Frain's artwork is absolutely gorgeous in b&w, but as his 77 Studios blog site shows, his colour work is absolutely *gorgeous* and stunning. So the River of Heaven rulebook is going to look brilliant.

If there is one thing that I'm sad about with the River of Heaven Kickstarter's end, it's this: Because of the time difference with the eastern part of Canada and the U.S., the Kickstarter ended at something like 5:50 am this morning. As a result, when the last Update (#12) was posted around 3:30 (!!) this morning, offering add-ons of the softcover and hardcover book, I (and most North Americans) wasn't awake to take advantage of that and add another copy of the rulebook to my pledge. *sigh* Oh well... Just makes me wonder though... if the RoH Kickstarter had ended at a more reasonable day-time hour in the U.S. and Canada, would there have been more last hour pledges around the game than there were? But I guess we'll never know now.

In any event, I just want to congratulate Newt Newton for a successful Kickstarter for the game, and I'm looking forward to running a River of Heaven campaign when the book comes out. :)
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