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Friday Night's Gaming Session

As mentioned in my blog yesterday and earlier today, yesterday being Friday, I had my usual game session with the Friday night gamers. The Friday gaming group is currently playing the Yggdrasill roleplaying game of the Men of the North, and are having a terrific time of it.

The players all arrived by 7:15 pm or so at my place, and once everyone was settled in and we discussed a few elements of the game and the system, it was time to get down to the evening's roleplaying session. The game session was pretty enjoyable, having a little bit of everything in it once more, and the players found themselves quite engrossed in the game situations that I threw at them this night. The player character relationships are gelling even more than they have been, and it was a pleasure to see Angela's Sigrun Evardsdottir taking firm command of the party and manipulating them and steering them in the directions she wants them to go. What made things more delightful was the fact that David is starting to take Amund Torkelsson's skaldic/bardic duties quite seriously, and is being so inappropriate at times.

The players found the game session to be quite enjoyable, although David commented that some of the situations are definitely testing the player characters' morale, ethics, and strength of purpose, exactly what a good Norse adventure should do. They all like the fact that Angela is "taking charge" of the party, as there are times they feel she is a bit quiet, but Kathy noted that she's been quite "active" in these three game sessions of the current adventure. Joanne is doing a good job with Dagna Styrsdottir, the volva, as she's got the hang of the spiritual leader down pat, even if she's getting frustrated at her rolls when trying to use the Murmur in the Bones Seidr spell. (She hasn't been able to get the spell to work properly yet this scenario, and it shows. :).) The players were also quite surprised by the events of the final few moments when we wrapped up the session, and said they can't wait for next week's session. Always a good sign.

Overall, just a really good night of gaming, and the Yggdrasill RPG just continues to be a source of fun and enjoyment for myself and the Friday night gamers.

Can't wait for the next game session! :)
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