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Sunday Morning Thoughts

Hope everybody in places that are relevant set their clocks for one hour ahead late last night. Daylight Savings Time (if I remember correctly the name) is now in effect. :)

A relatively cold morning here in the Ottawa valley, though it is supposed to warm up somewhat as the day goes on.

Nothing going on with me this morning, other than just getting myself in order and my head together about a variety of stuff.

Gaming with the Sunday group is on for today, and I'll be continuing the Yggdrasill game scenario that I've got going with them, so looking forward to that.

Then a relaxing evening, and an early night so that I can get back that hour of sleep that I lost last night when the clocks moved ahead an hour. :)
Tags: daylight savings time, gaming hut, life, personal, rpg, sleepless, sunday gaming group, time, yggdrasill rpg

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