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Foot Spasms on a Monday Morning

Monday morning. Blah.

I had a very bad night last night.

Around 11:00 pm, while I was lying in bed doing a bit of light reading before sleep, I started having painful spasms in my left foot (on the inside of the foot). I got out of bed to try and walk it off, but the spasms continued, sometimes worse than others, so I reconciled myself to this, figuring they would go away overnight. I was wrong. Despite taking some Tylenol, I slept extremely fitfully last night, waking up many times from the spasms, and didn't really get all that much sleep.

When I woke up finally, when the alarm went off, I was quite groggy. Got the unpleasant surprise of it having snowed overnight, though there wasn't all that much of the white stuff on the ground. But my car was coated in about 3 cms of the stuff. Wonderful way to start the week off! Not!

Anyway, I got in to work this morning, and it's a relatively busy day this early Monday work day. I don't know whether the load will pick up as the day goes on, or whether it will quiet out, but we'll see.

Oh, the leg spasms? Still ongoing. Not easing off at all. :(
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