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Saturday Morning, and Day Plans

Woke up this morning feeling all right, but somewhat groggy, after a late night.

I had a good time with the Friday night gaming group (and will blog about last night's session of Yggdrasill later this morning), though I got to bed close to 1:00 am after cleaning some dishes and the like.

This morning promises a little bit of grocery shopping for veggies and the like with Nick over at the east end Farm Boy store, and then a bit of relaxation at home. Will go out this afternoon to pay my WIND Mobile bill, but other than that, have no plans for the day. Though I do need to do some work on the Atlantis: The Second Age scenarios for CanGames in May.

For now, time to go upstairs and grab some breakfast, and then head for the shower. Or vice versa, depending on how I feel when I get off the computer. :)
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