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Thoughts of Saturday, Looking Forward to the (Sun)Day

Sunday morning.

A lovely, if cold and blustery morning, here in the Ottawa valley. March is certainly living up to its name weather-wise so far, though I hope the trend doesn't continue, as I've got some medical appointments the next two weeks that involve a lot of driving.

I spent most of Saturday rather ho-hum, though there were some highlights (if one can call them such). I went for lunch with spross to Tim Horton's and had some of their wonderful chili. I managed to get into WIND Mobile and pay off the monthly phone bill. And I was able to sort out some problems with my prescriptions at the pharmacy. Came home and took a nap until supper time, at which point I made a chicken stir fry with a variety of vegetables. The evening was spent watching a disastrous Ottawa Senators-Montreal Canadiens hockey game, and was so depressed at the way the Sens lost that one, that I crashed pretty early, reading for about an hour before turning off the lights around 11:30 pm.

Woke up this morning feeling somewhat rested, but my head is still blocked and I have a tickle at the back of my throat. Really hope I've not come down with something.

In the meantime, I need to head upstairs and eat some breakfast. Looking forward to the day and the afternoon, as I'll be running the Sunday gaming group through their continuing Yggdrasill campaign.

For now, however, food and coffee await.
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