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New Amsterdam, Anyone?

waiwode brought this up on his journal, and I thought I should do so as well...

One of the current new series on tv that I really like is New Amsterdam, and was wondering if anyone else was watching it, since I haven't seen a lot of blogs about it.

The series focuses on John Amsterdam (at least that's what he calls himself nowadays), a detective in New York City. The twist is that he's 400 years old! I think that what appeals to me about the show is how each case Amsterdam and his partner try to solve relates in some fashion to something from his past. And with 400 years of his past in the NYC area, there's a lot of cool stuff that one can relate back to.

It's certainly a detective series with a difference from all the ones that feature supernatural creatures, for sure. :) I really hope that it survives to a second season.
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