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Sunday Afternoon Gaming Session

Just finished gaming with the Sunday afternoon group, and had a pretty good time of it.

The Sunday players continued on with their Yggdrasill game campaign, and seemed to enjoy themselves. Once the players showed up by around 1:00 pm or so, we talked and chatted for a bit, then got down into the game once more. The game session started with a bit of combat that was about to ensue immediately at the end of the previous session, and both Tammy's Dagmar Ivarsdottir and spross's Adalstein Ulfarsson handled the fighting pretty well, the volva being especially competent in this case doing what she set out to do.

For some reason that I can't quite fathom, the combat sequence went extremely long, eating up more than half the session. Once the fight had been resolved and the player characters were administered first aid (and the benefits of a couple of healing draughts), they continued on and went through the rest of the session with no problems. spross continues to struggle somewhat with his character's lack of character, though he did make an interesting choice in the early part of the fight that almost cost his character dearly, and then had an interesting time when the characters reached the hut, thinking to seek some shelter there. The interaction between the players and the three NPCs (Hulm Runolfsson, Gerda Herildasdottir, and Ronya Magnisdottir) was pretty good as well, though spross is not taking advantage of his chances to talk with the Jarl's daughter - especially given that he seems to be in a position of having to constantly protect her!

Overall, the game session went pretty well, though the combat sequence went pretty long time-wise, and the players accomplished a few things. I'm rather looking forward to next Sunday's game session. I really am having a great time with the Yggdrasill game system. Lovely stuff!
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