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Weekend So Far...

The weekend so far has been pretty enjoyable.

Thursday after work, I finished reading Jeff VanderMeer's City of Saints and Madmen, one of the best novels (if one can rightly call it that) I've read in the past year. Friday, I started to re-read Philip Pullman's The Golden Compass, and am about 140 pages into the book. It's still as fresh and as good a read as it was the first time around, and I am seeing how faithful the movie was to the book, albeit minus the elements of religion and some of the gypsy stuff that was removed from the movie version.

Friday night, the gaming group met to play once more, and Kathy and SteveB brought Ellie along. As I've noted in other posts, the group is playing Desolation, a post-apocalyptic fantasy rpg, and I was somewhat concerned that Ellie would feel... a bit left out. I needn't have worried, though, as she took on the role of Asper Kalvi, a young girl the characters met in the ruined and "deserted" village they are currently searching through. Kathy's thief-turned-innkeeper Kiarra Foxten has taken a liking to the girl, and seems inclined to take her back to the village where she has her inn, but the others are hesitant to trust the girl and all. Should make for an interesting game, especially as Asper got the characters in trouble when she "found" an ancient trap that nearly beheaded two of the player characters! Asper fell victim to one of her own pranks, falling asleep due to a powder that she accidentally released from the morphus trees that she led the party to; this was done so that Ellie could go to sleep around 10:15 or so. :) The characters than continued to search for a means of reviving her for the rest of the game session, but had some other...things to deal with (that I won't mention here for fear of giving too much away). Good night was had by all, and we didn't break up until some time after 12:20 am.

Saturday morning was spent doing a bit of grocery shopping, primarily for Saturday night's stir fry, and when I got back, I took care of a bit of house cleaning and then did some work on the game notes from Friday night, and preparing a few things for Sunday's session. Had to re-read the character creation stuff for Desolation, as the Sunday group will be creating characters later today. spross dropped by during the afternoon, after his work shift, and stuck around for a while. We talked about a variety of stuff, and I had stir fried veggies with some chicken for supper, and a tossed salad.

I spent last night reading a bit of the Pullman book, listening to a bit of music by Andreas Vollenweider, and doing a bit of work for today's game of Desolation.

For some reason, I went to bed very late last night as well, and woke quite late this morning. As a result, I've been feeling rushed and all. Not a good feeling, by any stretch of the imagination, but at least nothing serious to worry about. Had a boiled egg with some cucumber slices (and the obligatory decaf coffee) for breakfast, so we'll see what the rest of the day brings. Meanwhile, back to work on the gaming stuff for later today.
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