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No Atlantis in Snail Mail

Back home finally from work after what turned out to be a busier day than expected.

Going to relax with my feet up for a couple of hours, and have some chai tea and a bit of a snack. Then will spend some time getting ready for the evening game with the Friday night group.

In the meantime, disappointed to see that my copy of the new version of Atlantis: The Second Age did not come in the snail mail today. Given the problems with my headaches and all, it's not making the writing of the two scenarios for CanGames any easier. Not to mention, both of my gaming groups (but the Friday nighters in particular) want to play this game quite a bit. I had hoped to have the game by this week, so that I could distract myself from the health issues that I've got to deal with over the next month or so, and so that I could bloody well *finish* the two CanGames scenarios, but that's not to be.

Damn! :(
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