John Kahane (jkahane) wrote,
John Kahane

Afternoon Hospital Fun

I am home from the Montfort hospital.  Got back around 4:00 pm as, though I had the appointment for that time, I actually got seen around 2:15 pm.


The original plan was to go out and have lunch, but I discovered that my car is dead again.  So I quickly called a cab (money in, money out) and headed out.


I got to the hospital around 1:10 pm and sat down for a basic sandwich and salty chicken soup.  I would have preferred to have a normal Tim Horton's lunch, but this was one of the mini Tim's (as I call them) that don't have the full  menus.  Still, the ham and cheese sandwich was pretty good.


Once I ate, I went to register at the hospital registrar, and then made my way to the MRI area. I figured I had to wait until 4:00 until the appointment, but called in just after 2:15 pm. It turns out that if you're late for an MRI appointment, others get taken and you have to wait or are rescheduled. You're late, you wait.


In any event, I had the dye injection with a bit of sedative because of the effects of the dye on my system,.and was pretty wobbly after the 35-minute tests.  I hate the noise of the machine, but thank Goddess for the earphones and some Bob Marley.  Once the tests were done, I stayed in the waiting room for about 10 minutes to recover.


After that, I called a cab, and came home. washed up a bit, and then went to bed until I woke up. I'm still somewhat nauseous and groggy, and have ordered a bit of Chinese food for supper.


And I have a second MRI again next Saturday. *sigh*

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