John Kahane (jkahane) wrote,
John Kahane

Computer Woes Confirmed...and Hope

Well, after work today, I took my poor laptop in to Southbank Computers here in east end Ottawa.  I've been to these folks before, and they're a pretty reliable place that also deal with a lot of Dell computers as well.


I explained the problem to the kind gentleman, and he asked me to set up the computer which I did. Once he booted the computer and saw what it did, he confirmed my worst fear:  the hard drive is dead... and it would be an expensive journey to fix the drive enough to recover the data.  $600 to $1,000 worth of expensive. *sigh*  So the data and stuff on the drive is lost.


However, the Dell itself is workable, and so I decided to have another hard drive installed in the system, for around $80 or so, and I'll use that computer as my new backup.


In the meantime, I've got my (after) work cut out for me installing the OS on the new computer, writing the Atlantis: The Second Age scenarios for CanGames from scratch, and dealing with all the other shite that goes along with having to set up a new computer.  *sigh*


And to make my day complete, my copy of Atlantis: The Second Age has not arrived yet again. Dammit!

Tags: atlantis rpg, cangames, computer woes, convention, installation, personal, personal computer, scenarios

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