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Getting Ready for Some Friday Gaming

Spoke to the folks in my Friday night gaming group around 5:00 pm or so, and they have decided that we'll be playing tonight.

I'm kind of glad about this, as I need a distraction of some sort at the moment. All sorts of bad things are happening in terms of gaming and a few other things (notably that my hardcover copy of Atlantis: The Second Age has not arrived, so it's probably gone missing in the snail stupid mail), so gaming tonight will be a good, positive thing.

We'll be continuing on with the Yggdrasill game campaign this evening, and I'm really looking forward to it.

In the meantime, it's upstairs I must head to vacuum a bit around the dining room table and then figure out what to make for supper this evening before gaming. Come to think of it, I am somewhat hungry!

Anyway, have a good night, folks. :)
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