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Afternoon Hospital Fun, Round Deux

I am back home from the second visit to the Montfort Hospital on two consecutive Saturdays. No, it wasn't to visit friends. I have had two MRIs the last two Saturdays.

Though my appointment at the hospital was for 4:00 pm, I got there early, and was actually finished by that time. Thank goodness this is over. For now. (Until the results come in.)

I went to lunch at Tim Horton's this afternoon before the hospital appointment, and it was only so-so. I can never seem to go to Tim's these days for a soup and sandwich with something on the soup menu that I really like. I had myself a bowl of tomato with whole grain pasta soup and a grilled cheese on panini with bacon and tomato. Their Deluxe or some such. The soup was somewhat sour, and the sandwich was okay, but nothing special. Or maybe I'm just a little jaded about the matter.

From there, it was over to the Monfort Hospital. I got to the hospital just after 2:15 pm or so, and went and registered. When I shuttled myself over to the MRI area, I figured I would have to wait, but got called in around 10 to 3. I had the drugs administered to me via an injection in the hip, and then waited for about ten minutes or so. Got called in for the MRI, and that took roughly 45 minutes or so, the scan being of my left ankle all the way up to the knee. Was extremely wobbly and somewhat drugged, so stuck around until my head cleared somewhat.

I called a cab, came back to the house, and feeling a bit peckish, I ate a McCain Pizza Pocket or Pop or whatever they're called, and washed it down with a bit of diet, decaf Coke. Felt a bit better after that, and went to lie down for a bit and just close my eyes. Had a good nap, and have just woken up.

Still a big groggy, and my left ankle hurts like heck again. But perhaps I'll see what I can do for a bit of supper. At least I don't feel nauseous.
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