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Sunday Morning Thoughts, and Snow

I woke up this morning too early, given all the physical stress my body has undergone the last week or so (with the two hospital appointments for the MRIs), and while I don't feel too bad, I don't feel... "right".

I'm somewhat nauseous and all, when the truth is told, and my left ankle and leg are hurting me something fierce today, but other than that I'm also just a bit mentally foggy and groggy, no doubt due to the drugs administered to me.

The weather this morning is pretty bad, snowing madly as I type this (though supposedly the accumulation won't be all that much). Figures. It's the end of March and all that.

While I'm not sure about whether I feel like gaming yet or not, the weather itself puts this afternoon's session of Yggdrasill with the Sunday players in question. So we'll see how that shapes up.
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