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Monday Morning Thoughts

Monday morning. Also the last day of March.

And the start of the new baseball season. (Again, Goddess, but does time fly!)

Seems like it's going to be a beautiful day outside, so it's too bad that I'll be working at the office today.

Sunday was a relatively uneventful day, though spross did drop by for a bit, and helped me recover through him some of the gaming files that I lost when the last laptop hard drive died.

I took it easy for most of the day, napped a bit, and watched the Ottawa Senators-Calgary Flames NHL hockey game. Ottawa won the game 6-3, but it was pretty meaningless as their playoff hopes are just a dim flicker at this point, if even that.

Work has been excessively busy this morning, the normal state for a Monday at work, so it promises to be a long day at work. Not that this is a bad thing on a Monday, as it hopefully means things will not be so hectic as the week progresses.

In the meantime, a nice cup of peppermint tea awaits.
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