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Friday Night's Game Session of Yggdrasill

I ran the Friday night group through their pacings in another game session of the Yggdrasill RPG campaign this past week (March 28th), and the players did a pretty good job of it in this tough game session.

The players all arrived by around 7:20 pm or so, and after a quick catch-up on the week's activities, the group got down to the gaming session. This game session was all about roleplaying, decisions, some combat, and a few surprises. The player interaction and somewhat conflicting views of the player characters made this an extremely entertaining session both for myself and the players (as several of them admitted after the session), while the physical violence with the dog-headed humanoids gave those craving something of a physical release a bit more to sink their teeth (well, swords and axes) into. The game session definitely had its ups and downs, and the player characters were hesitant at first about the splitting up of the group along the lines that were eventually decided on, but it made for an interesting latter part of the game session, and allowed some good player character interaction.

The Friday players continue to praise the Yggdrasill game system, though they are still itching to play the Atlantis: The Second Age game system (but I still don't have my hardcover copy of the game book). That said, they're finding the current adventure entertaining and it's holding their attention, so I can't ask for more really.

In the meantime, looking forward to the first Friday game session of April. (Geez, is it already April? Goddess, how time flies!)
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