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Ottawa International Airport Stuff

Dropped my mom off at the airport at 7:15 am, as she's flying down to Philadelphia to see my sister for a week. Will change clothes after this post, and then head off for work.

I was amazed and a bit surprised by the fact that even at that time of morning, when all sorts of business people and travellers to the U.S. and wherever on early morning flights are being dropped off, that sections of the road on the Departures area were closed off with orange cones, flashing lights and the like. Cars that were dropping off people were stacking around the terminal in haphazard ways and all. Interesting, but not fun at this time of morning.

Just goes to show, there really are only two seasons in Ottawa (and perhaps Canada) - Winter and Construction.

Anyway, got to get to work, so I'm outta here.
Tags: family, mother, ottawa, ottawa international airport, personal

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