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Spring Day Thoughts

Got in to work this morning at 7:15, and it was a beautiful day outside. About 60C, but going up to 150C, and with sunshine streaming down and a lovely spring feel to the day. The kind of day that makes me glad to be alive.

Only two things have marred the day for me so far. First, the fact that my legs feel like painful wooden logs after the exercise I did yesterday on the elliptical. I may have overdone it by 5 minutes (I was on the machine for about 25 minutes), and am paying the price for this today. Second, the sheer amount of paperwork that got dumped on my desk at 8:30 this morning by the folks from filing (thanks, Donna! :)). However, I am not going to let this depress me today at all. It's too beautiful for that.

For my daily exercise today, I am likely going to do some walking outside, given the lovely spring weather and all. Thank Goddess for this beautiful day - and for allergy meds! :)
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