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Gaming for the afternoon is done, and it was pretty successful in most ways, if I do say so myself.

The Sunday gaming group met for the first time in three weeks, and resumed play of the Yggdrasill game campaign that they are currently involved in.

Once the players arrived, we started off with a bit of small talk, then went over the last session's notes (as it has been three weeks), and then got into the game session. Because of how the previous session ended, I needed to start this session with some exposition of what had happened to the NPC, Hulm Ranulfsson, and that was something I wasn't really happy doing as rather than involving the player characters right away, it draws the focus off them. I needn't have worried about it, as things worked out fine, though it seemed to make the opening parts of the session seem to be somewhat slow.

From that point on, the game session picked up some momentum, and reached a climactic decision point where a really poor roll on Tammy's Dagmar Ivarsdottir's part could have cost spross's Adalstein Ulfarsson his life. I won't spoil things here; you'll have to see what the player decided and did when I post up the blog entry later after supper, but suffice to say it was an interesting game session. The session wrapped up with an encounter with some more Norsemen, and we'll see where next week's adventure goes...

Overall, a pretty good game session of Yggdrasill, I thought, though things didn't start the way I wanted them to, but pretty enjoyable for the most part, with some hard decisions being made in a couple of places.

Looking forward to next week's session, in the middle of all the Atlantis: The Second Age hectic scenario writing. :)


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