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The State of JohnK, 04/08/2014

It's Tuesday morning. The second week of April starting off. My, how time seems to fly.

I woke up this morning still feeling ill with whatever this thing in my ear is. The left side of my face below the ear hurts, and goes down the neck, and my teeth are still hurting somewhat. Part of me thinks this is stress from everything that's been going on in life. My head is somewhat blocked and stuffed, and I feel like I have cobwebs in my head. My left ankle and lower leg are hurting something fierce today, no doubt due to the rainy, cool conditions here in Ottawa at the moment. *sigh*

There is one other health issue in play, my diabetes, but that's one I won't discuss until sometime in early May, as I've got to see what the doctors think in regards to matters.

I'm at work, since it's better to concentrate on stuff other than the house things going on, but I still feel rotten, and my voice is a bit ragged from whatever I've got. I'm scheduled to see the doctor tomorrow, ostensibly about the MRI results, but we'll see whether he'll determine that I need other tests for whatever else is ailing me.

In the meantime, life on the gaming front promises to be busy and difficult the next little while, but I've gotten some resolution about matters pertaining to things. As noted, I lost all of the write-ups and stuff that I did for the two Atlantis: The Second Age scenarios that I was going to run at CanGames when my laptop died back the third week of March. Add to that the fact that I've still not received my copy of the game from the Kickstarter as yet (more on that in a moment), and re-creating the scenarios from scratch has been tough, and not something I've been eager to do because of the lack of motivation due to not receiving the book. The situation with where the rulebook is has been resolved, as I learned that the final two packages (mine and another fellow's) weren't shipped out before a vacation, but the book should have been shipped sometime today. Hopefully the book will arrive within the next couple of weeks. ::knock on wood::

The fact that I've finally learned what's happened with the book has eased my emotional and physical stress in this matter somewhat. And yes, between the book not coming (with everyone else getting their copies in the mail) and the laptop dying, I've been feeling seriously stressed. Now I've just got buckle down the next few weeks and re-write the two scenarios for the convention. I'll be quite busy over the next weeks hammering outwriting away at the scenarios and getting game stats and player characters written up. So yes, I *will* be running Atlantis: The Second Age at CanGames in May. For anyone who might have been concerned, or might be wanting to play in the games. [hint, hint!]

So you may or may not see my presence here on the blog and other sites I frequent diminish somewhat for the next little while.

For now, back to work, with a nice hot cup of peppermint and honey tea.
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