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Aches for the Day

As I mentioned in a recent entry, I am quite sore from exercising a bit too much on the elliptical machine. Yesterday, I made a terrible mistake in that I needed to go through the boxes of books and rpgs in my storage cupboard, and was moving these boxes and all on my own. I knew I was in trouble after I had moved the boxes, because my body was aching and I was shaky. I didn't have the strength to move the boxes back into the cupboard, other than to clear a way into the bathroom and the bedroom, so now the whole damned lower level of the house has book boxes all over that I can't put back in the cupboard! :<

I woke up this morning, and can barely move my back. Add to this the fact that my legs are sore and aching as well still, and I'm quite miserable when it comes right down to it. And that's with the painkillers.

So here I am at work, in a state of agonizing pain at times, and have a workload of stuff here on my desk. Add to this the fact that I've just discovered that my personal e-mail server is down *again*, so I can't get any e-mail and, well...

It is not going to be a good day.

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