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Aches for the Day, Part Deux

The pain eventually got bad enough in my thigh today that I called the doctor just after 11:00 pm, and begged the receptionist to let me see him in the afternoon. She took pity on me, and set up an appointment at 2:10 pm.

The end result is that the doctor thinks I may have torn the muscle in the upper thigh, and has decided to send me for tests on Tuesday (the earliest he could get the appointment booked), and has told me to take it easy, and to walk as little as possible for the nonce.

In the meantime, spross dropped by this afternoon after work, ostensibly to drop some stuff off for me, and then helped me finish sorting through the boxes of books and then put all the boxes back in the storeroom for me. I'm more grateful to him for this than folks can possibly imagine.

I've spent the rest of the late afternoon lying down and napping after taking some Tylenol, and am about to go upstairs (ouch!) and make some supper. This evening will be spent on the telephone with Tammy Powers, talking to her about magic in Desolation, as she needs to get ready to play her spell caster on the weekend.
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