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Abbreviated Work Week, and Lots of Busy

Tuesday morning. The first day in an abbreviated work week.

Woke up still feeling pretty sick for the most part, though it's mainly in my left ear and neck and my chest. I have a bit of a cough but nothing overly severe, though it hurts to breathe a bit. But not with any consistency.

The weather outside is wet, with the raining pouring down and not expected to abate until late afternoon, though we'll see what happens in that regard. The temperature is around 10oC, and will rise a bit more, so it's just feeling somewhat chilly. My ankle and leg are hurting, I guess from the weather and humidity.

It promises to be a busy day here at the office, not surprising given the start of the abbreviated work week, though I hope it won't just keep piling up in wave after wave on my desk.

Once I get home from work, I won't have any time to breathe and relax. I need to continue working on the Atlantis: The Second Age scenarios for CanGames that I'll be running, and I have a few other gaming things to do as well. Busy, busy, busy.

Speaking of busy... Back to the work grind.
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