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Health, Magic, and Calendar Debts

Came in to work after stopping by the Bank Street medical equipment store that's open to the public, and picking up a set of crutches, which I will keep here at the office for now. The pain is still pretty severe in the leg, so it's going to be an interesting day, given that I'm supposed to game this evening with the Friday night group, and still have to do a bit of grocery shopping after I get off work.


The time I spent on the telephone last night with Tammy Powers discussing her character and the use of magic in the Desolation fantasy rpg last night was pretty cool. She always asks a lot of intelligent questions, and last night was no exception. Should be interesting to see her play her spell caster.


In the news this morning is this lovely bit from Spain...

Spanish moms in debt after calendar flop


Poor sales leave Spanish "Calendar Girls" in Debt

You would have thought that Spanish men and others would be flocking to buy a nude or semi-nude calendar of women and all, but I guess such was not the case. Mind you, they did sell over 1,000 of the calendars, but 7,000 copies of the calendar printed? That seems a bit excessive to me for a calendar of this sort and given its place in the world. Who knows...maybe the calendar will now become a collectible?, and the women will make a bit of money on this thing and be able to pay off a bit of that debt.
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