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A Long Day, Glad It's Over

It has been a long day.

I got to the office this morning to find that the work load for the day was going to be pretty heavy. This didn't bother me so much, as I'm used to it by now at the end of the week. Things went swimmingly, until I remembered that I had my once-every-six-weeks footcare appointment that afternoon. (The place where I get it done forgot to give me a call the day before, but fortunately it was on my calendar at work.)

In any event, I left a small pile of work on my desk at the office and headed out. I got to the clinic where I go for the footcare stuff, and the process went as well as can be expected, though my feet ache something fierce after the appointment. Today was no exception, with the added joy that the pain in my left ankle and leg was even more severe. After leaving the Footcare Clinic, I decided that I didn't want to each lunch at home, so I went over to the local Tim Horton's (on Walkley at Conroy) and had a good lunch - a bottle of water with a club sandwich. Very tasty with the honey mustard condiment being a bit too spicy for my taste, but still pretty good.

From Tim Horton's I headed for home. Good thing, too. The pain in the ankle was so severe by this point that I ended up taking some pain killers for it, and fell asleep for about forty-five minutes. It was a good rest, and I actually had needed it as I'm not sleeping all that well these days. Stress from all sorts of directions, I guess.

Once I woke up, I felt somewhat better and the ankle pain had subsided to the point where I felt I could walk around the house. Did a bit of cleaning up, and then got back to work on the two Atlantis: The Second Age game scenarios that I'm working on for CanGames.

Got a good bit of work in on that, and accomplished a lot. But now, it's time for supper. :)
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