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Sunday Morning Thoughts

Sunday morning.

A relatively comfortable day, weather-wise, though my allergies (maybe) and my ankle and leg are still bothering me. (And no, I still have not heard from the rheumatologist about an appointment.)

Had a simple breakfast this morning of a boiled egg, a slice of toast and some yogurt, all washed down with a cup of decaf coffee and my morning pills. Lovely.

In the meantime, I'm doing some preparation work for this afternoon's gaming session with the Sunday afternoon gaming group. The players will be helping me out creating some of the player characters for the Atlantis: The Second Age games that I'll be running at CanGames in three (!!) weeks.

After that, planning on relaxing this evening and watching a bit of tv, including the premiere of the new BBC The Musketeers series on Showcase. Should be good.
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