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Sunday Afternoon's Atlantis: The Second Age Game Session

While I have a bit of time, I should also post something here about last Sunday's gaming session.

The Sunday players came over on Sunday, the 27th of April, and helped me out creating/statting up the player characters for "The Medallion of Ssthauga", the first Atlantis: The Second Age scenario that I'll be running at CanGames in a couple of weeks (eek!).

It was a somewhat long session, as things didn't progress as quickly as I'd like during the afternoon. Notably due to spross's writing speed. That said, I'm pretty happy about the player characters created for the adventure. There are five characters - a scholar, a city guard, a sorceress, a diplomat with a secret, and a burglar - and they each have something in common with one another, and are a good mix of characters for facing the riddle of the medallion.

This Sunday, May 4th, the Sunday group will create the player characters for the second scenario, but I'll talk more about that after they're done.

In the meantime, back to the office grind.
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