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A Desolating Experience

Came back from doing a bit of grocery shopping, and needless to say, picked up a few other vegetables and the like while out. No point just buying tomatoes, right? :)

Anyway, as for Friday night's gaming session, well... the group is continuing on in the Desolation rpg scenario that they're currently in, as noted in this journal entry. The session started with the group trying to figure out what young Asper Kalvi is up to, while at the same time getting her out of the area near the morphus trees. When the youngster, being played by my goddaughter Ellie, woke up, she continued to get the player characters into trouble, notably an attack by bandits or raiders led by what appeared to be a spellcaster. The characters gave as good as they got in the fight, with Joanne's Teela Goran giving as good as she got, even risking blocking the other spellcaster's ability at one point (but suffering horribly from Burn). Suffice it to say the player characters got more than they bargained for, for sure!

Anyway, gotta take care of a few things around the house, and then get ready to go out to dinner with friends. Kathy, SteveB, and a female friend are joining me and my friend, Donald Fry, and his wife, Sharon for dinner tonight.
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