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CanGames Scenarios are Complete! Yay!

Oh, forgot to mention something...

As most folks know I've been slaving away for the last month or so to re-create the two scenarios for the Atlantis: The Second Age RPG that I'll be running at Cangames the weekend of May 16th. Re-created, as the basic scenarios were sitting on my old hard drive when it died, and there were no back-ups.

Well, I'm pleased to say... The two scenarios and all the player characters for the game are done! All I have left to do is photocopy the character sheets on the weekend for the players! (The Yggdrasill RPG scenario is long done, since I ran it at HammerCon last year.) And I made it before the week of CanGames.

Yay, me! :)

Now I just have to hope that someone shows up at the convention to actually play in the games I'm running there...
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