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Dinner at Lai Lai

As I mentioned yesterday, I was supposed to go to dinner with Kathy, SteveB, and a friend of theirs, as well as Donald and his wife Sharon. Just before heading out for the restaurant, Kathy called me to let me know that she and Steve and their friend couldn't make it due to family tragedy (don't know what this is yet, but will hopefully find out today), so I headed out for the restaurant to meet up with Donald and Sharon.

We went to Lai Lai for dinner (another link as well), and had an excellent Chinese meal. The food at Lai Lai is always very good, and last night was no exception to the rule. Thai hot and sour soup (in my case Chinese greens and tofu soup), Human dumplings, crispy beef, moo shee chicken with pancakes, and vegetarian Singapore noodles made for an excellent meal with some Chinese tea. The conversation was good, and we talked about all manner of subjects.

Had a bit of trouble falling asleep because of the caffeine in the tea. (I had forgotten about the caffeine thing until after the second cup or so, but by then it was too late, of course.) Didn't fall asleep until after 2:00 am. Ah, well, a price well paid for my last Chinese meal before going to Gen Con this year. :)
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