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Friday Morning Thoughts

It's Friday morning.

The end of the work week. And Goddess knows, but it's been a long work week.

The weather outside is somewhat warm, supposedly heading for 24oC (!!), but it's going to rain and thunderstorm today. Still, the dampness in the air is making my ankle hurt something fierce.

Work this morning is a slow affair, as the hectic pace of the middle of the week has slowed down, but this is good. I've fallen behind on some of the work due to the Diabetes Clinic appointments on Wednesday and Thursday, so that will give me time today to catch up on that stuff.

With all the work done on the scenarios for CanGames 2014 (which will start a week today), I'm going to take it somewhat easy this weekend, and try and get some relaxing in. The Friday night gaming group won't be playing tonight, and I've not decided on whether to game wtih the Sunday afternoon players yet (being the Mother's Day weekend and all). I've got to do the photocopying of the player character sheets and a couple of maps for the games, but I'll take are of that tomorrow (Saturday), as I need to check out a couple of other things, and possibly pick up some veggies for tomorrow's supper.

For now, back to work. And a cup of peppermint tea.
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