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Saturday Morning, Post-No Gaming

Woke up this morning, Saturday, feeling somewhat woozy and a bit headachy and stuffed up, but overall fine. Got out of the bed, and the ankle and leg immediately broke out in pain.

Breakfast is done, a simple meal of scrambled eggs and spinach, with a bit of cheese, two slices of toast, and some yogurt, washed down with decaf coffee.

Since the Friday night gaming group didn't play last night, due to the fact that I wanted the weekend off and because three of the players are still pretty ill with the flu that's going around, I had an easy night of it, and watched a bit of PVRed stuff as well as just doing a bit of non-gaming reading (Jasper Fforde's First Among Sequels) and got an early night's sleep on a Friday for a change, though I read while I was in bed a bit as well.

I plan to take it relatively easy today (well, as easy as I can), but I have to go out this afternoon. I need to do the photocopying of the player character sheets and the like for the two Atlantis: The Second Age scenarios that I'll be running at CanGames next weekend (eek!), and need to see if I can find a map tube as well.

Might watch some more PVR stuff this evening, but we'll see how that goes as the day wears on.
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