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Photocopying and Shopping

Just came back from being out for most of the afternoon.

spross came over this afternoon after taking care of some stuff downtown, and we went out and did some photocopying of stuff. He needed to photocopy stuff for the games he's running at CanGames this coming weekend, and I needed to print out the player character sheets for the Atlantis: The Second Age games that I'll be running at the convention (the ones for the Yggdrasill game are already printed out).

We then went into a card store, as both he and I needed to pick up some Mother's Day cards (yes, I know, I left it very late, but what can you do?). Once that was done, we went on an errand to find a mailing tube/poster tube/map tube/whatever you want to call it, but no one seemed to have them anywhere, and the one store that did have them were in the wrong size. I need the new tube for the Atlantis: The Second Age 24x36-inch map that came, as the tube on that one got damaged in the mailing system, and the map inside is somewhat damaged by the damage to the tube itself.

Anyway, from doing that shopping, we stopped at a Dairy Queen and had a couple of smoothies, which really helped with the dehydration and stuff, though the orange one that I had was a bit sour to my tastebuds.

We then went into Wal-Mart so spross could pick up a few things, and then he and I headed back to my place.

By the time I walked in the house, I was feeling dead tired and exhausted, my left ankle and leg were hurting seriously bad, and I just wanted to get off my leg and rest. I had some cucumber with a bit of cheese, and a bottle of water, and am about to go and sit down for 10 minutes or so and hope my leg rests a bit before I go and make some supper for my mother and myself. (This being the Mother's Day weekend and all.)
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