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Stupid, Stupid Me

I should have known that today would not be an easy day.

I went back to bed in the late morning, and got woken up by the phone. I shifted my body over the right side of the bed, near the dresser bureau, to grab the phone and the left side of my body slipped off the bed. Unfortunately, the middle of the three dresser bureaus was open, and I caught myself just below the left side of the collarbone, but a bit more towards the outside of the body sharply on the L-edge of the dresser. Felt like a knife stabbed me, but I also lacerated the area where I hit for a good 3 centimetres or so (though I don't require stitches or anything).

In any event, I am in quite a bit of pain in the upper chest muscles on that left side, have a bit of numbness in my upper left arm (sort of like what you get when you hurt the funnybone), breathing on that side hurts a bit, and I hurt every time I move, but mostly with the left side of the upper body.

Story of my life.
Tags: health hut, injury, muscles, pain, personal, stupidity, upper chest

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