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A Busy Week Ahead

Monday morning.

Another work week. Lots of stuff going on this week.

First off, there's work. Obviously. Don't expect anything unusual about this.

Second, I'm having some work done at the house this week. There's the plumber coming in to change some of the pipes, as a couple of them have gotten old and need fixing. In addition, several of the new windows from last year need a touch-up here and there, as there are gaps that have been letting in a few insects and the like. Might even get the windows painted and all as well.

I also need to get a haircut this week. Aside from the warmer weather and all, I'm getting a bit shaggy in the hair and all, and need to get the hair cut, especially given that CanGames 2014 is coming up at the end of the week, and I need to be tidy hair-wise. And comfortable. Probably will go for the haircut on Tuesday, if I can swing it.

Finally, CanGames 2014 is coming up the long weekend of May 16th, and I really need to just re-read and possibly polish up a few things to run the games of Atlantis: The Second Age and Yggdrasill that I've written up. While I'm looking forward to running the games at the convention, I keep having second thoughts about some of the material that I've done up for the former game system. But I'm looking forward to the games.

So, like I said, busy week ahead.

Meanwhile, back to work.

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