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Sunday Game Off

Just got off the phone with spross, who told me that he can't make the game today. Seems he injured his back pretty badly yesterday, lifting tires. (Must be the week for doing stuff like this, given what happened to me lifting books earlier in the week.) I may have partially contributed to this as well, when Steve came over earlier this week to help me move the rest of the books back into the cupboard and all. I really hope I didn't, and I hope he's better soon.

Anyway, I called Tammy and let her know, and she said that she didn't want to game without him, so we won't be playing Desolation today. She and Steve were supposed to start the campaign today (they finished their characters last weekend), but we'll put it off until next weekend. Shame really, since I was rather looking forward to running the game on them for the first time.

After I give Tammy a call, heading upstairs for breakfast.
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