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Relaxing Before CanGames

This is such a weird feeling.

I am actually quite relaxed, relatively speaking, given the injury to my upper left chest and my left ankle and leg. Two days before CanGames for 2014. I've never felt quite this way before.

Much of this has to do with the stress that I've been under the last couple of months to get the scenarios for the Atlantis: The Second Age games finished, and then re-written after the computer died on me back in late March. The rush, and the heat to get them done, was ON, but when I finished the photocopying of the gaming stuff on Saturday, it suddenly hit me... I'm ready to go to CanGames, and there's no work to be done on the adventures.

It meant that I could now sit back and (try to) relax for the next five days or so before the convention. I've pretty much gotten my head (and heart) out of gaming for a couple of days, and have been devoting myself to calming down, de-stressing a bit, and doing some other stuff. I've finished a couple of books, have been watching DVDs from the queue and some PVR-ed stuff, and listened to a bit of music. And I get to do this for two more days before I have to think about the convention on Thursday evening. Lovely!

Well, that and work. Ah well, nothing is perfect, right? :)
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