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Thursday Morning Thoughts

Thursday morning.

The weather in Ottawa has been, to say the least, summer-like. Temperature around 24oC with a humidex close to 30o. Not comfortable, and then add the humidity leading to showers and the like (with thundestorms being forecast on a seemingly daily basis), and let's just say not my favourite weather. Then again, I'm not a summer person anyway.

Work on this Thursday, the day before the Victoria Day weekend begins, is...busy. It always is around this time, with most folks getting an extra day off tomorrow, but today seems especially so. That said, I'm looking forward to the long weekend, and will be spending most of my time at CanGames at the Rideau Curling Club, Goddess willing.

Health-wise, I'm somewhat...ehhh. The bruising on my upper left chest is finally coming out, and it's ugly yellow and black bruises with a central large spot, with lines radiating out in all directions. The chest area still hurts a lot, and my left-side mobility is somewhat limited. The left ankle and leg are still bothering quite a bit, the ankle is swollen, and walking is still absolutely brutal. Still no word from the specialist yet.
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